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Slam-Edit - a full featured mask layout editor with all the standard commands expected in an editor.

Slam-View - an IC mask layout viewing system capable of displaying mask data on multiple X servers simultaneously.

XTK - an option to either the Slam-Edit or Slam-View product providing interactive net tracing.

Scheture - a schematic capture system.

Secours - a schematic driven layout product.

Strategy - a combination of a floorplanning tool, PG Router and DEF editor.

Verification products include both DRC and LVS. The LVS product includes a compare module to compare the extracted netlist to the reference netlist. Both products are integrated within the slam environment.

Slam-Plot adds plotting to the Slam system. Slam-Plot supports HP's PCL type printers and HP's GL2 type plotters as well as the PPM file format.

MEBES adds a MEBES-in translator to the Slam system.

All Software is LINUX based